Wednesday, April 1, 2009

and today

little bit better today
little bit better

and I'm dang happy about that!


Lydia and Samantha's new game is to pretend that they are 
drinking coffee and 'being mommies' (being me and my friends)

so, these two quotes have come out of their mouths this week, among others that were either less funny or too embarassing (who am I kidding, I put everything on here, they were just less funny)

Samantha:  (exasperated) My kids just always fight over me when I'm sick

Lydia: (exasperated with hands goin' all over the place) I mean, Jake just never does ANYTHING for me


#1 - I have never and would never say that about Jake - he is like super dad.
#2 - I have, many times, said that about my kids, but not about when I'm sick ;-)

I will be watching my mouth VERY CLOSE in front of them, starting NOW.


Sara said...

Kids pick up the funniest things--I've given up trying to censor myself around Will and Kayla--and I just make sure I say lots of good things too :)

Courtney said...

that is SO funny!!!! and i love the "hands all over the place!"...that's so "you", huh?