Monday, March 30, 2009

it's Monday.

I'm still bitter over that ridiculous weekend full of weird craziness from the girls but my bitterness will not be the end of way.

If I can say this without sounding like I'd wish it to happen all over again, because that is NOT what I'm saying, I'm glad it all happened just based on the response I got from letting you all in on that day.
I got one negative response and 15 thank yous ;-)

Made ME laugh that it made so many of YOU laugh that I am just like you.
I have a lot of those days, more of them than the 'other'.
(need I remind you that the saying goes "the two's are hard and the three's are harder" and I have three of them!???)
Do not be deceived.
I just don't post every single one of them because, well, why dwell right?
Honesty, yes, dwelling, no.

(easier said than done, that's actually a huge struggle of mine....losing sight of the blessing, eternal perspective, purpose and all that jazz)

That being said.
There are some major tweaking projects going on around here.

Jake and I have come to the conclusion that the two pairs of girls can not be together for long amounts of time right now.
They just can't.
Too much energy, too much frustration, too much bossing....uh hem....too much estrogen ;-)

Been trying different rotations of attention and activity out all morning, taking notes (enter the nerd), and this will continue for a few days until we get it at least 'ok'...not looking for perfect.

that just ain't happenin'.

But, if I can get it down to a total of 45 min. (just typed 30 and then changed it ;-) of crying over the course of a 'normal' morning, then I will consider it a success.

One thing is already apparent.
Samantha needs 10 min or so of independent play about every two hours.
My little introvert just can't hack the energy/estrogen for extended times.

uh....gotta go, just hit my time limit on here apparently!!!! (will note that in a minute)

exit the nerd.


Amy said...

Is that 45 minutes of crying from them... or you? :)

Courtney said...

that's so GREAT! and that's what we have to do...KNOW our kids...and that takes time and notes and studying. but that's our job! awesome!!! (and if you're like me, it just feels better to be writing SOMETHING down...)

Sara said...

nerds rule! and you get a hug :)

Holly said...
Me + them = 45 min max ;-)