Tuesday, March 17, 2009

just too exciting and it's a good thing.

I no longer exists to my two two year olds.
My voice is mute their ears, my disciplines do not phase them, except for a slight giggle every once in a while.
Things are ugly around here with them.

Even for Jake....and for those of you that know him, I'll let that boggle your mind for a while.
If Jake is wound up and at a loss, you're basically at 'the end'.

So, the fact that I have a new computer arriving at my house today....uh hem...my stinkin' dream computer that is (perks of having a dad that runs an Apple store, yeah, it's rough)

And, the fact that Jake and I are in the middle of planning/deciding on our 10 year anniversary trip this summer

And, it's about to be 80 degrees for the second day in a row

are very very good things.

Otherwise, you might be seeing a mom on the news being admitted to the insane asylum on account of having too many toddlers and feeling like she doesn't even exists.

Sad, after I read that list it seems so materialistic.
I'm not feeling that but I have to say that if it's keeping my children alive and me out of the asylum....material or not, I'll take it.


Stacy said...

materialistic?! no way!! With as savy as you are at saving and being thrifty...and as much as you use your computer...I'm so excited that you got your dream computer!! And a 10 year trip with Jake!? Awesome...I've got 2 more years before mine...but we're already thinking about it!

Courtney said...

have FUN Planning the trip! what a fun thing to get to do!! i LOVE the planning part!!

Anonymous said...

Holly, Jon took me to Greenland for our 10th. Well I say took, he was stationed there and my parents kept the kids and off to Greenland I went. Not green but I will always remember it. We went on a dog sled ride on the frozen ocean.