Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend in a day

Jake was "out" and I was flying solo over the weekend.
He took today off to help me get caught up and somehow, even though I got a lot done,
I feel behind.

How does that happen?

Something always gets sacrificed.
Got major errands done,
House is a wreck.

House is clean,
Hours worth of errands stack up.

Laundry is done,
Kitchen is a wreck.

Kitchen is clean for a week,
Equals 12 loads of laundry on the weekend.

Yard is cleaned up,
can't see play room floor.

Play room floor appears,
yard is trashed.

Just once, or maybe all the time ;-), it would be nice to have it all done all the time.

But, then I'd have nothing to whine about and just how much fun would that be?


Stacy said...

I SO relate this this entry!! You said it perfectly!

Courtney said...

yes. you said it perfectly. even if it WAS all clean at once, it would be undone 2 minutes later...