Thursday, March 26, 2009


Samantha and I are on our way to the Urgent Care clinic
REALLY bad sore throats
I heard that Strep Throat was going around our church and of course, we were all there on Sunday

which is why we haven't been going!!!!!

Back from the Urgent Care, Gymnastics, Lunch and an errand:
(and I thought I was worn out yesterday!?)

No Strep!!!!!!!!

Samantha does have an ear infection and for reasons that don't really matter, I think she's had it for over two weeks now.

score one for mom.
(man! and I was so hoping to get that award this year for perfect mom!!!)

I have nothing.  Nada.
Maybe a cold but maybe not even that.
Throat is red but I have allergies and ran outside in 25 degree weather yesterday.
Zicam'ing it anway, just in case, ya know!?

Nap, here I come.


Anonymous said...

Glad you don't have strep! Colette has been really sick with it.
Love to read your entries. They make me smile and laugh.
Have a good night.

Stacy said...

Eric reminded me the other day that I lost that "award" in January...

Glad it's not strep....that'd have been BAD!!!