Wednesday, March 11, 2009

why do I do that!?....don't answer that...

I just stop.
and then I wonder why?
I start over.
and everything is clear

and then I just stop again.


I have been in deep 'study' of the Bible consistently for years, not a problem.
But there is, in my life, a difference between me studying and me listening, journaling and being encouraged.

without the later I become so unfocused, so angry, so frustrated, 'feel' so etc....

I need both.
however little or as much as I can get...I need both.

Our Unique Call
(sent to me by a special friend via the Henri Nouwen Society - perfect)

So many terrible things happen every day that we start wondering whether the few things we do ourselves make any sense. When people are starving only a few thousand miles away, when wars are raging close to our borders, when countless people in our own cities have no homes to live in, our own activities look futile. Such considerations, however, can paralyse us and depress us.
Here the word call becomes important. We are not called to save the world, solve all problems, and help all people. But we each have our own unique call, in our families, in our work, in our world. We have to keep asking God to help us see clearly what our call is and to give us the strength to live out that call with trust. Then we will discover that our faithfulness to a small task is the most healing response to the illnesses of our time.

off to journal, listen, clarify and be loved on....err...after a cup of coffee anyway ;-)


Anonymous said...

Be still and know that He IS!!!

Courtney said...

WOW. I love that. it's so easy to get CONSUMED with all that's out there "to be done." but He needs us to be LOVING first, then DOING. good stuff!!!

i'm beccy. said...

Hey there! Haven't seen you at the gym in a while to say "hi!" (probably cause I haven't been since Mon - A's work schedule) Thanks for sharing your heart. Love from across town. (The not pictured picture made me crack up!)