Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I win.

I don't care what your day was like, unless it included injury or illness, 
Even if there is no contest, even if there is no reward, 

this would be about Sophie.

what happened?

back up a little.
Samantha has a focus/'who cares' issue with using the bathroom.
she just doesn't care to.
and when she's wet, 'no big deal!'

so, for over a month now we have been working on her 'issue' HARD CORE.
we haven't budged an inch.
actually, I'm pretty sure we've lost several inches.

so, Samantha was on accident #3 of just today.
I sent her inside, set her up to clean her self off, change and then come outside....AGAIN.

I headed back outside to chat with a friend about a decision she was trying to make.
was saying to her that I didn't feel she had a peace about the decision and mid sentence I jumped up, turned away from her, screamed into the air and then turned around to point at this:

of course, my friend thought I was screaming at her 
POINT 1 for Holly

then when the three friends in my back yard realize what's going on, they look up and all start laughing hysterically (and taking pictures of the freak show in the yard)

I then threw two animal crackers that were in my my friends (you have to be able to take it in my presence - who knew!?)
POINT 2 for Holly

See, Sophie is following in Samantha's footsteps, only she has added her own little flairy part to it.

Samantha will just continue to wear her clothes, wet, sticky and gross...doesn't bother her.
Apparently, it does bother Sophie....what DOESN'T bother Sophie is nudity.

this is Sophie
see Sophie run?
see Sophie run nude?

the best part?

she somehow convinced NORA to carry the wet, nasty, sticky, pee drenched clothes down the hill to mommy....

my friends were still laughing until I threatened to throw the pants and panties this time.
POINT 3 for Holly (well, for the threat anyway)

How many more times are you going to do this Sophie???
You do know I am keeping track and when you're 16 I WILL NOT BE AFRAID to use these.
I will not threaten.
I will WIN!


Kris said...

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing. Actually I'm crying and laughing this time. Those pictures came out better than I thought. They just capture the essence of Sophie. Someday, when you've stopped wishing you had had three crackers in your hand so you could have thrown one at me as well, you'll thank me for preserving that moment for you! And yes, I think you win.

the Knights said...

Yep you win. I LOVE the picture of Sopie MARCHING away from you - naked. Too funny.

KB said...

ok, I am so relieved you have a nakey girl too! Gracie is constantly in the backyard naked! I keep thinking my neighbors are going to call human services on us or something!

Missy said...

Ah, what I wouldn't have given to have been there!!! Thank goodness for friends who laugh and take pictures of your kids when they're not suppose to!!

Jennifer C said...

HILARIOUS! Those pictures are priceless!!:)

Brandi said...

Okay you win!!! Chloe used to run around with out bottoms but only at home when we were potty training. She still likes to run around in her panties come to think of it. We always tell her to get some more cloths on....Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, when she struts, she STRUTS! She loves naked day!

Love you,
Amanda Miner