Thursday, April 30, 2009

too much.

I am too tired.
the house it too messy.
the twins are too testy.
I am yelling too much.
I am eating too much.
I'm too cold or too hot.

just one of those weeks.
and it's feeling too much.


Stacy said...

so glad to not be alone this week. I realized on the way home today that in this crazy week, I've been so much more critical and stand-off-ish than I have been loving and uplifting to my kids...and it's just one of those weeks!! So glad I'm out of town for the weekend!!

Stacy said...

Oh...out of town for the weekend without kids!!

Liz W. said...

wow, you just described me to a tee! hang in there. tomorrow is almost the start of a new week

Tera said...

I'm with you!! Seriously I am so there!! I am really looking forward to a much needed vacation! 5 weeks and counting! I love the living life to the fullest post, Sophie you go girl! HEE HEE HEE

Phil Benton said...

WOW, you sound just like my daughter!! Oh wait.....