Thursday, April 2, 2009

sneek peek

walk, cake, shower, cake, gymnastics, lunch, cake, nap, cake....

ok, it's not that bad but this is little Miss Emma's cake, who only happens to be Lydia's best friend and a best friend of Lydia's is a best little bud of mine and for my best buds - 

Watch out Emma!


The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

And it was awesome!!!! Make sure you post some pics of it on here and show eveyone and I will post some on my blog too soon. The kids loved it and Emma couldn't stop talking about how cool her cake was! I was very impressed, from one cake maker to another!

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you! Now tell me what I owe you for that awesome blob of shugga'!!