Thursday, April 2, 2009

jump start

having one of those mornings where getting started is seemingly so hard.
we have one of the BUSIEST weekends coming up that we have had in years.

so busy, I actually called my mom at the beginning of the week and requested her presence for an extra set of hands!!! (and she said YES, which made my YEAR)

2 birthday parties, 2 events at church, 1 wedding, 1 going away party, a cake and one "I don't know what to call it" party that Jake is going to while I'm at the church event and then we'll meet up for one of the birthday parties....

and it all starts tonight.

fun stuff but I wish it was all 'just fun' ya know!
once tonight is under my belt I'll be able to move and have a ball!
(I'm MCing something I have never been to and am a little leary, once I do it one time, I'll be good!)

mama's comin' and parties are happenin'  -  really, it's like my dream weekend!


Stacy said...

yea for moms!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. Tell your mom to get extra hugs for me. I'm trying to talk your papaw into coming out there after school get out. Adding 3 more little girls to the mix should be interesting don't you think?


Phil said...

Operation Nana 50% complete.