Friday, May 8, 2009

our ghetto garden

I have never done this.
Becky has only done some.
Nora and Lydia were very into it!

we laughed a lot and whether we will actually have a harvest or not....well, we'll see ;-) 


Courtney said...

keep us updated on the progress
(of course, my oldest has the same dress lydia is wearing :-))

Missy said...

Not ghetto! Really nice actually, can't believe how much work you got done! Good job ladies....

Mom B said...

Are those "Hens & Chicks" I see alongside the stairs?
Can't wait to hear about the progress! Luv ya!

Tisha said...

Your garden is very pretty. It's so easy to grow vegetables. You're gonna love it!!

Tisha said...

Haha. We have that dress too : )