Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates and Some Answer to Some Questions.

Would you guess that I am horrible in keeping in touch and/or returning e-mails and phone calls???
uh...I am....really really horrible I might add.

So, if you've e-mailed me a question or two and I haven't answered, consider yourself not alone!
And because I've had more than one request for these updates/answers, I'll communicate the way I know best - blogging ;-)


Working Out - 
YES!!! I am still working out, I am still working on eating correctly.
I had a few weeks there, not without tears, where I couldn't work out in the morning and on some days, not at all.  It was right when Jake was given this new job.  He had to be in so early that it was impossible for me to go.  
I was so sad.  
I had been on a roll, had created a habit, it was, once again, a necessary part of my life and I felt like it was being stolen away.
I was a big baby about it.  Really, ask Jake.  
Actually, don't.  
I would be embarrassed at the answer.
It's all good now though.  He has a new boss guy who comes in a little later and that means work out time for Holly!
I had to back it up 30 min.  Which means I get there at 5:30am and means that I can't swim on most weeks. (both pools near me open at 6am)
I take Wed's off so Jake can go in early and make up for it on Saturdays.  Which is when I try to swim or exercise outside.
I also try to swim every time Jake has to fly at night - he gets to stay home for a while in the mornings on those days.
I run, bike and elliptical on a regular basis - and I just switch it up based on my muscle fatigue.
(that sounds so super like I know what I'm doing! - don't be fooled!)

I haven't registered for any sprint triathlons.  That was more the dream of my friend who started with me.
I'm more concerned, right now, with getting into life long habits and getting the weight down, realistically.
I'm not sure I have the time it would take to train right now, but one day, I do want to.

My buddy that started with me had to stop due to her husband's job also.
This is how we do it in the military.  Change change change.  It's the name of the game and it drives just about every wife crazy.

My eating is sooooo much more under control.  By under control I just mean smarter, but real.
I do have four toddlers and pb&j's abound here.
My focus was/is portion control, times that I eat and small indulgences are the right time and in the right portion.
It's going well.
I have a lot of head knowledge on nutrition, I grew up in a household that nutrition/diet was always a topic of conversation....even if we struggled actually implementing it ;-)!
So, decisions on what to eat or shop for aren't hard, I was just overdoing it and doing it all the time.

Sooo...the weight is coming off.  Slow.  Really really Sssslllloooowww.  
I just keep telling myself - 'slow is permanent' and the discouragment melts away.

Since December I've lost 15 lbs.  That's not huge, but it is GONE!!! and it wasn't miserable.

Potty Training - 
we will never be done.  never.  never ever ever ever.

details??? YOU WANT DETAILS????

Samantha - ok, there have been no accidents in the last four days....
and that my friends, IS A MIRACLE.  
the 'norm' for her is 2-3 accidents A DAY.  Yes, you read that right.  Samantha.
We have tried everything.  Discipling, time outs, taking away make up (her #1 vice is chapstick aka make up), taking away dress up (vice #2), heavy reminding, earning a prize when she stayed dry for a certain amount of days IN A ROW and the list goes on.

I give up for now.  She pees, she changes herself and life goes on.  What else is there to do???

Mom, I'll try your idea next, but since we've talked she's been dry.
go figure.

Nora - um....Nora? the kid who was almost too easy to potty train???  this week she decided to regress.  2 pee accidents and 1 poop.  No clue where it's coming from.  absolutely no clue.

Sophie - 1-2 accidents a week, consistently.  Some pee, some poop, all because she's just too busy.

so, like I said.
we'll NEVER be done.
never never never.

and I am so OVER pee and poop.

clarification: by 'accidents' I mean, they, for the most part, pee in front of the toilet.  like they waited too long and just can't handle the power of suggestion by the time they get to the toilet.
it's MADDENING.  they are RIGHT THERE!!!!!!! and my bath mat can't take much more!!!


Camera - um...I feel so silly answering this question.  And I'm afraid you will be so disappointed when I answer.
All I have is a point and shoot.  Nothing fancy, although I dream of 'Fancy' (that will be her name when I get her) all the time!

it's a:
Canon PowerShot SD1000 Digital ELPH
7.1 mega pixels

I will say this.  I will ALWAYS buy Canon.  I have yet to be disappointed and this is camera #3 from them.  I have used their repair services several times and their upgrade program twice.
If your camera is broken they will either fix it, or for $100 upgrade you to the next camera up.
Both times it was going to cost the same, or more, to fix than it was to upgrade.
And even though it is 'just' a point and shoot - I love the results - 
I did read the manual though, really, it helps ;-)

Homeschool material - 
we are going the 
"unschooled + unit studies + whatever works for us at the moment = curriculum" route

The deal here is that: 
I am a graduated homeschooler.
This 'world' is not new or scary to me. 
There are hurdles that I see other moms around me needing to clear and I started out on the other side of the hurdle.
I still have be sure....but the curriculum one is not one of them.
That being said - I'm a tad fearless in the curriculum department.

So, I'll just write out the list of what we're using for you here and then you can follow what we do on a regular basis on my Pure Learning Log, which will act as our homeschool/unschool/unit study journal.  And it's new because we just offically started the new year a few days ago.

(I'm not going to do hyper links for these right now, but I'll try to get to it later!)

Write Road to Reading (Spalding Method)
Noah Websters Reader
Jump Start Computer Games + yearly membership online fee for extras

Board Games (i.e. Boggle Number Jr., 4-way Count Down, double dice games, etc...)
Play Money

Barron's Science Wizardy
Science in Seconds
Butterfly Garden
Magnifying Glass

Drawing Books
Crafty Crow Blog

Workbooks (like from Wal-Mart, Target or garage sales)
Sequence for kids
National Geographic - Big Backyard (kids magazine)
Boggle Jr.

This is a list of free Unit Study sites I go to for inspiration:

for this year, we will be working our way through the alphabet (not in order) and attatching a unit study to each letter.
i.e.  May: F is for Flowers and G is for Gardens, June: B is for Butterfly, Z is for Zoo, D is for Desert and J is for Jungle, July: U is for USA (only one letter this month because we will be traveling for the first two weeks - some school with come with us but still, only one letter will be tackled!!!)

I have a notebook with all the letters listed out and space to jot down ideas for each study.
I get it on to paper and then it's out of my mind, not in there crowding me!
Then I have them listed out by months so I don't miss any cool seasonal/holiday tie ins.
Then, as the time gets closer, each letter has it's own PAGE and the organizing/supply lists/structure starts to happen.

THE MAIN FOCUS THIS YEAR will be for Lydia, and possibly Samantha, TO START READING.

They are both ready, otherwise I wouldn't say that - that would be the unschooler in me talking!
The homeschooler in me is going to use the Spalding Method ;-).

again, the Pure Learning Log will let you in on our days as far as 'school' goes.

Easter witnessing stuff - 
I know, long over due!!!  I told you I was horrible.

First, I gotta say that 'witnessing' / inviting my friends in on my relationship with Jesus is just a part of who I am.
It's almost subconscience for me.
Maybe I'd go so far as to say it's one of gifts.  
My church friends out there would call me an Evangelist.

(and because I just typed all that, I'm sure I'll be attacked this week - happens every time!)

My unchurched friends might call me a Jesus freak or say 'that's the girl that's always inviting me to her church stuff!? sheesh.'

One of my first questions I ask a new person, after their name, is "do you guys go to church somewhere, are you looking for a new church??? I know that's kind of a forward question but....ya never know!?" (and I pretty much ask it like that....I don't know, again, it's one of my gifts and I practice a lot which means it doesn't come out all awkward and harsh - it's just part of my conversation)

And, ok, maybe it's not the second question I ask them, but it's pretty close.  I find that the sooner I breech the religion/church/God subject the easier it is.

So, no one that really knows us, or even kinda knows us, bats an eye when we invite you over for Easter dinner and then proceed to share the gospel before we let you touch the food ;-).

Every year is different but this year we shared the 'wordless braclet'....only I made them 'wordless keychains' because my fingers got tired and I figured then maybe people might actually see them more often.
After we share a simple gospel, we (uh hem...usually Jake) shares what Easter means to him personally, we pray and THEN you get to eat.

Not sure what the wordless bracelet is? Google it ;-)

so, if you read this far, you must comment.
I almost NEVER ask for comments and will continue that trend.
but really, if you just read ALL of that - let me know! 

I love hearing from you - I don't 'need' it to keep blogging but it's encouraging to me to know our random information/life/struggles/blessings mean something to you!

note: I am a horrible speller, along with being horrible at answering your connections, and the spell checker isn't working right now - so, here's my apology and I'll try to spell check it later!


Jennifer C said...

Just wanted you to know I read it all!:) I am also working on diet/exercise in my life...the older I get the harder it is to take off...but I am just DONE with the extra weight! It was all I was thinking about so I decided I better do something about it! It has been slow, but I hope permanent. Love what you will be doing with the girls for school...isn't the crafty crow the best?! I don't know who enjoys the projects or my kids! Have a great weekend Holly!! Hugs from Texas.:)

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I read it all!

And I don't have anything else to say, except you are inspiring to me.

Amber Trejo said...

I just read all of that, too! It's always nice to get a detailed update. I'm with you on the "slow and steady" mentality with the eating/exercising thing. I've lost 18 lbs since August, mostly from changing my eating habits (dad getting diagnosed with diabetes helped light a fire under me). If you could pass some of that motivation for exercise my way, I would appreciate it, though. I don't know why I hate it so much, but I really, REALLY do. Also, slightly off topic, but I think your girls get cuter by the day. Love you guys!

Amy said...

I'm still reading. :)

Liz W. said...

ooh, I'm glad you shared, it's not like I get to see you every week or anything ;-) and btw, when can I enroll Claire in "Miss Holly's School" is sounds like sooo much fun!

Stacy said...

See - and you don't think any of us read that far!!

Congratulations on the weight loss. My good friend says that she likes losing it slow because she's really making changes and it forces her to stay focused..just like you's permanent.

The homeschooling thing is something I'm praying about. REALLY struggling with school stuff right now. REALLY.

Witnessing stuff. We just had the co-author of "The Unexpected Journey" speak at our church and I'm reading through that devotional. It's been neat because we are learning to just "tell our story". We've all got a story...just tell it.

love you!!

melanie said...

i read it all! thanks for sharing. i love the crafty crow too. i also have found...

all have good, doable projects and ideas.

Martha said...

love you love the blog

Missy said...

Whoo-read it all baby!! Oh yeah! And you won't be potty training for forever, maybe just a long time, but not forever ;~) And Lydia is good in that department, so that's saying something! One out of four ain't bad!

Christy P said...

Holly I love your blog! I check it everyday. =) Love from HK

Anonymous said...

Read it all Holly! You go girl!
Elle my second girl, took a full year to get over her potty/poo thing..I never thought it would end. Actually, longer than a year. Colette took a year at least. The twins were so easy! I was really happy about that! Some of us can relate to the long training and nothing works. Hang in there, she'll get there someday! : )

Kristen said...

Your blog is a daily inspiration! LOVE IT!! I'm JUST getting ready to start "trying" to lose baby weight... YIKES! I am hopeful for the slow but permanent loss as well- I figure if it took years to put it on I can only expect years ok or months :) for it to fall off! Also it's so exciting to read about your homeschooling ideas and projects- it is a dream of ours but I don't know the first thing about it.

Erika Cargle said...

I'm with Amber - I love getting detailed updates on your life! Miss You.

Anonymous said...


I read it ALL!

Next year will be my 5th year homeschooling (Hello!! 5th year! When did that happen?) I think I am finally over that curriculum hurdle. My husband is a little confused...wondering why I am not pouring over the curriculum catalogs like I usually do each Spring. When he asked about it, I said,

"Oh, I'll just use what I have and buy math books when we need them..a little of this, a little of that...borrow from friends, go to the library. They'll learn." :)

Vernon said...

This is me leaving a comment, per your request. I think it's awesome that you're homeschooling your daughters. I also still have the wordless keychain on my keychain.

Your spelling's fine, Holly. Keep up the blogging!