Tuesday, May 5, 2009

what happens when you leave a four year old alone long enough....

Lydia and I fight over clothes....a.lot.
it's getting better as she starts to realize that I am not backing down
and each time I give her good reasons that I know she doesn't understand now but I want ingrained into her subconscious.

like thankfulness.

the littlest things bug her,
like shirts being too long, tags in the wrong place, if she didn't pick it out, etc...

So, we were having another 'discussion' at nap time the other day.
Her shirt was too long, even though she'd worn it all morning, and I wasn't letting her change.


A few minutes of not budging and she was furious...screaming and crying furious.


I made her repeat after me:
Mom: I
Lydia: I
M: am
L: am
M: thankful
L: thankful
M: for
L: for
M: my
L: my
M: clothes
L: clothes

the screaming stopped but not the request to still change.


I made her sleep with no clothes on.
If she didn't want to be thankful then she didn't get to have them.

Oh yeah...I was on a stinkin' roll.

After a two hour rest time, with no clothes,
I came in to get her and here's what I found:
 Those are leggings people.
On her head, on her arms, and on her legs.

So, let me get this straight.
Your shirt can't be too long but you can wear leggings on your head and/or arms?

I give.


The Hofers said...

HA!!! Very creative girl. :)

Missy said...

Seriously, your girls come up with everything-there is NOTHING they don't think to do....that is so funny! (pretty ingenious too)

Robyn said...

ROFL!!! What a fashionista she's becoming. LOL!!!