Monday, May 4, 2009

too cool for school

apparently their books were too bright this morning ;-)

did a lot of research last week and this weekend for their school material next year....which we will actually start this summer because, why not?
and, um, can I just say, that I might have more fun than them????
math games, incredible science experiments, butterflies, apples, America, oh my!!!


Tisha said...

What are you using next year?
We like to do some school in the summer too. I'm with you, why not?

Melody said...

We just did this, too. Went to Homeschool Convention...what fun! We're using Veritas. What about you?

Sara said...

hey girl--send me your address, I want to mail you something (no, it has nothing to do with school, I'm just putting this on your top post so maybe you'll see it!) Hugs!