Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm failing miserably in the 'being a mommy during breakfast' department lately.

I need a new plan or something. (like wine, or a cocktail)

I have just come home from working out, taken a shower, gotten dressed, broken up 2-3 melt downs between the girls by the time I walk in the kitchen to make us all breakfast.
My blood sugar is in the dumps.
They don't even have any blood sugar left ;-).

it's bad.

Could I just start being a mommy at 9:30am?

oh yeah...this is a 24/7 job.
silly me.


Courtney said...

what if you wait to take a shower til after breakfast?? that's what i do. we all eat and i get the kids engaged in something and then i take a shower. just an idea...

Liz W. said...

on those "days", I hand Claire a zippy full of cheerios, a sippy full of milk and I let PBS be the mommy during breakfast!

Tisha said...

The early morning cocktail really helps. Hide it in your coffee and no one will ever know.