Friday, August 14, 2009


1 bottle of antibiotics. GONE
3 boxes of tissue. GONE
1 bottle of Children's Tylenol Cold. GONE
1/2 bottle of Children's Motrin. GONE
2 packets of sinus rinse (this stuff is nasty!). GONE
1 box of Zicam nose swabs. GONE
Gallons of water. GONE

Snot, congestion in lungs, sore throats, fevers, infections. GONE!!!!!!!

it gets expensive around here to be sick. geez.

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i'm beccy. said...

I don't know what that sinus rinse stuff is, but I have NEVER had to use stuff for my kids' noses (not even those syringes when they are newborns) because of using AYR Saline Gel. Just put a little on a cotton swab and swab it in their nostrils, and it keeps them draining and their sinus' clear. My friends whose kids had sinus issues and tried it found it solve their problems. I get mine at Target - ask for it a the pharmacy counter. It helps w/ dryness in AC and Colorado weather, too.