Wednesday, August 19, 2009

in the thick.

well. I'm able to sit down and write out a post about how today went because our packers only worked until noon.
I gotta say, now I know why this company schedules FOUR days to do a move that I know with certainty (this is move #13 for me) only takes 2 days. When you only work 1/2 days, it's pretty hard to get the job done.

What happened to working a normal day?
Never mind there is a family living out of boxes for double the amount of time necessary.

no really. we're fine. really. living out of boxes with four toddlers is a blast. really.

we did choose to move and we are grateful for the assistance and not having to do this ourselves. we think. ask me later if I'm sure about that. like I said, 13th move. We could have done this whole thing in two days ourselves.
so, is it really help?

ugh. This is how it is in the military though. If you over analysis (or analyze at all), you will drive your self to an insane asylum faster than you can say, 'common sense'.

It was ok they only worked 1/2 a day though because that left enough room in our brain to completely soak up the humiliation of a 'pre-inspection'.
The 'pre-inspection' that tells you what to clean before they throw it in the dumpster 2 min. after you hand your keys over.
And the same 'pre-inspection' that tells you to plant grass seed under the swing set so the tractors can drive over the baby grass while they cut down the dead tree you have been calling them about for THREE YEARS.
The 'pre-inspection' that all he has to point out are the 3 nails I hadn't gotten to yet and the TWO CRUMBS sitting on top of the stove from the boxes our packers stacked up there when they worked their 1/2 day.

ok. done now.

I know there is this whole group of people out there who are completely in the dark about all the 'benefits' that military members get.
Let me tell ya - it may look good on paper but I wouldn't go so far, or even close, to call them 'benefits' sometimes.
The health care, yes, 100% (even with all the problems we've had I'd still say the military does a darn good job there!),
the moving bennies, the housing bennies.....I don't know about this one.

(does it help that I am exhausted still from this stinky sinus infection and Bronchitis? it's kickin' me.)



Missy said...

Why did I have to go and see your house all packed up?! Now I'm gonna go and get all's weird to think that the new residents who move in (after the renovation that is) won't know all the life that was lived there. All the lives that called that house a home. All the people you took in to encourage and support who looked at your home as an escape, a safe haven, and a place to unload their burdens. All the families you had over for dinner. All the ministries and mentoring that took place in your living room and down in the basement. The new residents may never know. But you know. And the hundreds of people who walked through that front door, side door and back door know the impact you, your family, and your home had on their lives. Thank you for all that you do. This neighborhood is going to miss you. And your new neighborhood is incredibly blessed to have you.

KB said...

Wow, what a great little comment from Missy! I wish you were my neighbor!

Stupid movers! Stupid housing people...I get what your cookin' about the bennies...amen to freakin' good healthcare...we'd be in the po'house for sure!

Anonymous said...

I am on the same page sweetie!
Common sense.... who needs it!
Thinking of ya!

Courtney said...

that's SO great that your girls are doing so WELL!!!

Stacy said...

they only worked until noon? mom read me a quote from one of our great presidents that said something to the effect of "When the number of people who don't want to work is greater than the number of people who want to work, the nation is in trouble." hmmmm.....

Cassie said...

hope things are moving along. i've been thinking about you!!

Brandi Vidal said...

Holly, I know you are in the thick of it all. I hope you have a smooth transition. We miss your blogs.
Prayers are with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

ditto what Brandi said. We DO miss you.