Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my reality

thank you Bill Hybels for speaking truth about our 'new reality' as a nation....
....however, my reality, here at home, remains the same.

why is that so hard to swallow sometimes?

not having the best mommy morning.

I'm sick now, Samantha is fighting it, Nora is in full swing, Sophie is on the mend, Lydia is holding strong but is seems overly talkative and needy in the 'mommy come here' department.

bad combo.

things that it is NOT, and things I'll be thinking about all day to get out of my little bubble:

1. it is not malaria
2. it is not the stomach flu
3. it is not untreatable
4. it is not permanently damaging
5. we are not outside, in extreme weather, while sick
6. we are not making ourselves sicker by drinking bad water


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