Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ok. Lydia.

I begged her to stay four but she insisted on turning five.

And can I just say right now, I really wouldn't mind having my four year old back?

Not that five is all bad, yet.
But I have this creepy suspicion that these emotional outbursts, stomping of the feet, screaming NO! like a two year old, and pools of tears are only going to get more frequent and out of control.

what is up with my little baby Lydia Rose!?

Out of the blue this morning, no one was upset, there was no cause for alarm, I was teasing Samantha (she stutters occasionally and we love it!), not Lydia, Samantha, and we were all laughing until Lydia burst out:
(insert stomping feet, hot red face and alligator tears)

and when I say this was out of nowhere I am not exaggerating.

we have had throw down temper tantrums at parks, uncontrollable tears during wrestling sessions, refusal to eat favorite foods, etc.

she was having a crazy day yesterday....we all were....Jake gave her chocolate when he got home from work and she was like a new kid, er..and old kid...ya know, like a four year old.

so, she's emotionally out of control and craving chocolate?
at five?

I was expecting this closer to like 9 or 10 at the earliest.


I have to be honest and tell the whole story though.
There have been these jaw dropping bouts of extreme emotion that come from nowhere and with no warning but she is becoming more and more the sweet Lydia I saw behind her huge wide eyes as a baby - in between the bouts, of course.

I'm loving her more and more.

She is becoming more and more thoughtful of all her sisters, always shares, always protects and is conscience of how she can help at all times -
minus the bouts, of course.

So, I guess if all her selfishness is bottled up and comes out in an occasional outburst, we'll take it.
but geez...some warning and maybe not so public would be nice!!!

Is this just a five thing or a Lydia's personal growing phase thing?


The Dyson's as told by Kara said...

Ohhhh yessss, this is five, welcome, my friend!

Jill said...

That sounds like five to me. ;) In fact, my five year old just went stomping up the stairs, crying hysterically because I wouldn't let her take her little sister's clothes off to use for her Build-A-Bear. Enjoy! :)