Monday, August 17, 2009

to all my omaha area readers

have a friend that is moving and can not take her dog.

she really wants a good home for him.

here's the specs - spread the word - he needs to go fast!!!

20 months old
Golden Doodle (golden retriever/standard poodle mix)

He needs to be groomed once a month (poodle)
He can not eat the cheaper brand foods (poodle)

He is extremely loving (golden retriever)
He needs lots of love and attention (golden retriever)
He is kennel trained (golden retriever)

He has had some obedience training as a puppy and does obey when being paid attention too.
All imm.'s are up to date.

He is great with kids!!!

Can you take him or know someone who can/would????

thanks -


Amy said...

We love our Goldendoodle! :) But one is enough for us! Good luck to your friend!

Chip and Dani Brown said...

Hi Holly. I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me.....I am 11 weeks pregnant with identical twins (gender unknown still..too early)....and I have a 1 year old (boy)....and a 2 year old (girl). They will still be 1 & 2 when the babies come (not quite as close as yours...if I go to 37ish weeks then there will be 34 months between my oldest & the twins). I am excited. I am nervous. There are days of feeling quite overwhelmed. A friend from church recommended your blog on Sunday when I told her about the "twin factor" of my pregnancy. I just spent time reading through your posts during your pregnancy and the first few months after. And then I looked through some of your recent posts. And while some of it just confirms my nervous ALSO confirms the WONDERFUL truth that God was the ONE who planned out this amazing journey for me and He is the Giver and Sustainer and SO MUCH MORE! So THANK YOU for going before me and confirming that not only can it be done...but it can be done WONDERFULLY. You haven't hidden the hard times...and I know they are going to be there. But you have shown me that there are so many more BLESSINGS than hard times...and seeing your life/story makes me even more excited to live my own. So thanks again : )
Love, Dani Brown

Amy said...

So I mentioned this to a friend today (who happens to have our dog's sister... she's a therapy dog at our school) Anyway, she got all excited and said she has a friend who wants a Goldendoodle! She asked me to get her the info and she will forward it to her friend. They don't live in Omaha, but might be willing to come get Scooter! If you email me, I'll forward it to her. Thanks!

cormee at cox. net