Monday, August 17, 2009

what's it like now?

I was just reading over some of the posts from when the twins were born.
I could only read like three before it was too much to relive and I had to stop.

Motherhood is hard. I don't care who you are. But anything worth doing is hard. (someone important said that!?)

But mothering four kids under two.
There's not a word for that. I did it, with a TON of help, and I can't even handle going back to read about it.
Maybe it's just too soon?

Somethings haven't changed.

Like the amount of comments, questions and conversations I get while out with the girls.
I would be a very mean famous person. I don't know how they do it. I feel like I can relate a little though because literally everyone still takes notice.

You can't blame them.
When you see four completely adorable little girls walking that close together and probably looking you dead in the eyes, you become powerless to just smile and move on - you are drawn in and have to say something (or that's what it seems like anyway)

It's bad enough just the way we look but now all four girls are in to waving and saying hello to everyone!!!


Ok. Yes, it's fine. I actually want my girls to speak to strangers. With me there, of course and we talk all the time about not going WITH the strangers but one of my pet peeves is kids who don't look adults in the eye or are able to carry on conversations with just about anyone.
We will talk to everyone and look everyone in the eye. Period. People are special. God made them. We will treat them as such.

Now, where was I?

Oh! The incessant comments from the special people that God made.

Most people mean well. Some don't, but it's ok ;-), we can take it, two and a half years worth of comments, every day, later.

I do feel like I need a button on my shirt though that reads:

No, they are not two sets of twins.
Just one set and yes, they are all sisters, all mine.
Yes, all girls, I know, it's crazy.
Yes, my hands are full.
And no matter what you say, I refuse to automatically believe that the teenage years will be awful.
Yes, we know there will be four weddings, we can count.
No, we are not trying for a boy, nor do we feel the need to.
Thankyou, we think they are pretty cute too!

(that'd be a big button but it would cover it for now!)


Anonymous said...

Your button sounds tshirt sized. =)you inspired me to make a new blog. Which means I expect you to read it on occasion and leave me comments. Love you, Holly!

The AB club said...

You forgot, "It's none of your business if we're done or not." Although, my husband says I can't respond that way :) Why do complete strangers feel it's okay to ask such an intimate question?

I have a friend who responds by quoting Proverbs 31:30 to her girls evertime someone comments on how cute they are - just to keep them grounded in reality.

KB said...

The kids and I went to the bx last week and I was checking out...the checkout lady was making all kinds of he yours? oh he has dark hair? the other two have blonde hair? Finally I said, Yeah, that darn mailman....and walked stupid can you be? YES, he was adopted!! Sorry to all the stupid people that make stupid comments...when I see a family that I feel I need to say something I really try hard to not say anything as I think of you!! Miss you, have you convinced Jake to come yet next month? Have you checked out the prices?? YIKES!! I think we are passing on registering and just going to the game and of right now.

Courtney said...

i love the "i refuse to believe the teenage years will be awful" quote!

EM said...

You're so great Holly.
You deal with a lot, and you still have the grace to sympathize with me when I'm ranting about bed time routines. Thanks, you're a star.

Stacy said...

My girls are the total example of your pet peeve!! And it's mine too...I really like your explanation about them being special because God made them...I'm so going to use it. Nothing aggrivates Eric and I more then when they hide behind us and ignore someone talking to them when we are's embarassing and I feel my children are very rude. I'm feeling empowered....and encouraged and confident we can overcome this!!