Saturday, September 26, 2009

Handmade Ideas...

...starting my Christmas gift research...

any good ideas for handmade gifts out there???

either for just me to make or for me and the girls to do together??

do share!


Anonymous said...

last year we found a tree that had dropped these long pine cones. We let them dry out and used google eyes and sticks to glue horns and legs on them. They made cute reindeer.
We also turned a few into angels with feather wings and sparkels on each layer of the pinecone.
Keep us posted on what you find. Jade and I decorated our front door yesterday with a ton of corn from the website you linked us to.

Tracey Sarvis said...

Our parents and grandparents favorite gift ever was placemats with kid's photos, artwork and sample writings on them. It's simply posterboard cut to placemat size. Put photos, writing, and artwork on one side and decorate the other side like you would a scrapbook page. Laminate. That's it. They are beautiful pieces of art!

Courtney said...

i got nothin'.
except you stressed me out! talking about christmas!

when i get there...and if i come up with anything...i'll let you know :-)

i'm beccy. said...

i have two books of great ideas using nature stuff and recycling stuff. got them at the farrest. :o)! you can take a look anytime!