Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm annoyed.

That my house resembles the inside of a bathroom stall lately.

on the walls, all the walls, on the mirrors, on the dolls, on the floors, and as seen here, on the beds!
(and that ain't no two year old picture - that would be a four year old's picture.)

This picture was after some hard core crack down discipline - on the twins - seems as though we forgot someone ;-)


melanie said...

but it is SO pretty! what about artistic license?

Missy said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!!
Yeah, that is just the best! And I can only say that because I spent two hours scrubbing down nearly every wall in our house with multiple Mr. Clean scrubbies to get rid of pen marks, pencil marks, crayon marks, and scratches made with our computer power cords. Always nice to know I'm not alone. :)

Tisha said...

Yes, happy to know I'm not lone parent who can not semm to teach her children how to properly care for their possessions and that there is such a thing as PAPER for writing upon. Thanks Holly :)

Tisha said...


Anonymous said...

Mee too! I think it is getting better but I have twins coming up behind the other artist and I hope we are better at teaching the twins. Say a prayer!