Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

this is a riveting post.
just warning you.


Day #1 - get all fall/winter clothes bought, washed, sorted and hung, Jake started on unpacking the garage and clearing a path for us to actually be able to work in there.

Day #2 - unpack, throw lots of stuff away, clean out, rearrange and rearrange garage....ALL DAY LONG.
Date night for mommy and daddy that consisted of a stop to the thrift store to donate, literally, an entire Suburban load of stuff...we're talking from the front seats to the tail gate, top to bottom and side to side....FULL. Where does all that stuff come from????

then it was on to our actual date night - Cheeseburger and Paradise, Pier 1 (to buy more stuff ;-), and Cold Stone Creamery....we went for health that night.

Day #3 - church, our after church visit to CiCi's Pizza and out with my high school girls....I don't know, this just takes all day for some reason!?


it was tricky people - we live in a snow infested state and somehow picked the house with the absolute smallest two car garage, on top of that we lost major amounts of storage from our other house.

We have much more actual living space here in the new pad, but much less large storage space.

it was like a puzzle.

we're talking, our Christmas decorations are being stored in a third shower stall that we never planned on using (so I wouldn't have to clean it ;-)

AND, I pared down the Christmas decor to three large Rubbermaid's - which meant ANOTHER 1/2 load to the thrift store this morning - Merry Christmas to them - literally.

and Happy LABOR Day to us - you're supposed to labor on Labor Day, right!?

no grilling, no friends, no parties - it was very depressing.

but it's done now, right!?


enough anyway.

I usually enjoy that sort thing but I think I'm just DONE sorting and purging - really, where does all that stuff come from???

could it be my garage saling?......nah.

it also meant that instead of cute pictures of my beautiful girls, I took pictures like this:


oh wait, I just found one of a little girl....that also happens to have the 'stuff' from Pier 1 in it - you can see why it was a must:

(and I immediately bagged up the old glasses to donate away - a new leaf for me! the old leaf would have thought - "I'm sure I can use this for something" and then 4 years later added them to a humongo pile to donate to a thrift store on date night)


Anonymous said...

Just an fyi on the shower as storage - you have to keep water in the j-trap or sewer gas will come back up through the plumbing (and you will wonder where the horrid smell is coming from). You could probably just pour a cup or so of water down there every few months (I am not sure how long it takes to evaporate and let the gases come up). So how's that for weird knowledge floating in my head :)


Phil said...

Your father is proud of you for turning a new leaf. You are a chip off the old block :) As your mother and I unpacked things from storage after a year, our new motto was, "well we didn't miss that". And off to Goodwill it went.

Missy said...

I'm diggin' the new Pier 1 glasses, not diggin' the fact that you had to work mercilessly in your garage all weekend, bumm-er!! But don't worry, you'll get some quality time in with friends tonight!

Courtney said...

wow. that stuff (cleaning/purging) is fine if you're in the mood. but it's hard to be in the mood for days on end! whew!