Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ps 46:1
God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help IN trouble.

so, I read this for my quiet time today.

IN trouble.
not from, or out of, or over....IN.

and then I pick up this 30 Days of Prayer for the Voiceless book I'm going through.
I'm on Day 18. Female Genital Mutilation.

Never even heard of it and 3 min's after learning about it, I am flat on my face on the floor in sobbing hysterics.
What the Hell on earth is this? No, I am not resorting to cursing - I literally mean Hell.

150 million women are victims of FGM. Every year 2 million girls are added.
In Ethiopia 87% are circumcised, Somalia 98%, Sudan 95%.

For the average girl there is no use of anesthetic or sterilized instruments in the procedure

after every child birth they are resown, many times with thorns.

just three facts from the two page spread I just absorbed.

and as I was screaming my heart out to God to come - please just come - end this - with a vengeance, END THIS -
No more pain, no more tears.

the verse came back to me:

He is our every present help IN trouble.
IN trouble.

Help God.

still processing. I am literally numb.

(do I recommend this booklet? sure. if you want to spend every day, for 30 days, laying flat on your face in sobbing hysterics over the injustice in the world.
and I am not in anyway implying that that is a bad thing - no, it's where I want to be every day for the pain in the world - on my face crying out to God to come and save and redeem and rescue - but this book is very very hard. Absolutely the hardest book I have ever read - how's that for a recommendation - and yes, go find one - I don't even know how to, but do it!)

I think I'm gonna go make cookies with my kids - now balance what I just read and what my heart is going through with that!?
Where is the scripture for that? (I am serious - I want to know)


Anonymous said...

I fully understand. Hearing some of the stories I hear of the horror little girls have suffered at the hands of evil men (the worst I think is when it's their own dad) I pray for peace and understanding for the women and I also pray for God's justice for the predator.


Courtney said...

maybe "there is a time for everything??"

time to weep...time to dance...

{totally paraphrasing...}

Anonymous said...

I have thumbed through that book. It was not for me. Not yet that is. Mad props for doing it!

Anonymous said...

I had NO idea of it either until I took a Women's Studies class at Wright State last quarter! It opened my eyes to so much going on in the world to women... I don't think I slept most of the quarter just praying and thinking. -Erika Cargle

Tisha said...

Wow. Had no idea the percentages were that high. Awful, awful, awful. No kidding, how do you balance it? I don't know either....can't even begin to wrap my mind around the injustice and pain.

Brandi said...

I have heard and read about this years ago. They are still practicing it in Eygpt too. It's too painful to absorb.