Monday, November 2, 2009

life is wierd

it's flippin' Monday!!!

my kids were ignored a lot of the weekend by me - ok, a lot of last week -
because of the cake (and my misjudging how long it would take - there was mishap after mishap after mishap with that thing!!! it needed it's own reality show)

the ignoring from me has lead to them acting flippin' bad.
I'm flippin' tired
Lydia is flippin' sick
my house is flippin' dirty
my projects are flippin' behind
I'm flippin' fat (just had to throw that one in there ;-)



Tuesday couldn't come sooner.

and sorry that this was the next post after the flippin' cake -
but it's just where we're at right now.


oh. and thanks for all the fun comments on the cake - that was fun!
especially since everyone who'd comment on it (adults) at the Fall Party were Spanish speaking only and I don't speak any flippin' Spanish - no matter how many years it's been on my New Years Resolution List (like 8 or 9 - I'm not even kidding. THIS will be the year!).
So, being that I crave that silly kind of stuff - thanks ;-)


Courtney said...

thanks for the fun flippin' post! :-)

Beckysblog said...

Oh flip!

Missy said...

At least you got a new 'flippin' hair cut!!!

Mom B said...

Holly, I flippin love you! Mom
Oh yes, I also love Grandpa Flip too!!!!!!

i'm beccy. said...

Does this mean you called in fat today? :o)! Love from across town w/ my own sick kiddo.

The Dyson's as told by Kara said...


Anonymous said...

Mondays are not my fav either...but that was fun, so I'm gonna start saying flipin' on Mondays too :) Maybe it will help. -Erika Cargle

Phil said...

I hope the babies aren't traumatized by you using my name like that. Are they going to start calling me flipin' grandpa or will I still be grandpa flip...... BTW yesterday was Full Moon, it was a flipin long day here too.

Tisha said...

Hey, this is good to know! My day yesterday was FLIPPIN AWFUL!! So glad I wasn't alone :)