Tuesday, November 3, 2009

round two.

It's Tuesday again.
I gave going grocery shopping at o'dark 30 another shot.

This time.

and now, I'm 100% sold.
I had to drive a little farther and shop a little faster but it was worth it to not have to go

yes sir ee.

I promise this will not turn into one of those blogs that constantly posts coupons and freebies but I have to share just a little.

I've been reading this blog for a while - and I just like to see what other people get for cheap or free - never really doing it myself
but then,
Jake challenged me to at least try using coupons and just see if I could do it....even just a little...and he asked so nice that I couldn't say no...dang it.


I have started out S.L.O.W. but now I think I'm addicted.
I look at it this way, and it's helping:

someone last week told me she shopped at two places - Walgreens and the Commissary (on the military base) and she saves over $100 a week using a combo of coupon and sales.
she says she spends 1-2 hours 'couponing'.
if I went out and got a job right now NOTHING would pay me $50 an hour.
that's like what Doctors make!?

she also says she hasn't paid for household products or toiletries in over 2 years (using the Walgreens deals)

so, what could I do with $400 a month if I spent max 8 hours a month 'working'?
that's a lot of dough.

So, I didn't save $100 this week.

anti-climatic, I know ;-)

but here's what I did do:

4 free cans of Campbell's soup
3 free cans of Hunt's tomato sauce
deodorant, hair product, Clorox wipes, NyQuil and some other stuff like that for $1-$2 a piece
Target: (I'm here anyway - outside of groceries - so I just went ahead and had a little fun here too)
8 boxes of cereal for $1 a piece (all Kellogg's) - we will be donating 1/2 of those boxes!!!
you supposedly save 30% right off the top of your bill just by shopping there (?)
and then I saved 11% with coupons ($15 worth)

I bought nothing we wouldn't use normally
I did stock pile a little, but not a lot
It was kinda fun

and now I officially feel like I could wear turtlenecks with my denim jumper, socks and burks'....
but it's ok 'cause now I have more money to give away!!!!!

here are my fav' links on the subject:

The Coupon Clippers (coupons that you order, in the mail - there is shipping and a surcharge so make sure you WILL use it and that it IS worth it)

Printable Coupons - there are a few other places to print coupons - this is the easiest and had the most that I could see - and I'm all about easy!

Organic Grocery Deals - middle of the page, right-hand side is a link for Target coupons (which can be paired with manufacturer coupons and sales for things like $1 a box - or less, I think I did it wrong - cereal.

ok. that's it on the subject.

gonna go nurse a sick, feverish Lydia - we have a weird virus going around our house - it's just a fever, but one that knocks you out!
we're on our second bottle of Motrin since last Thursday.
Sophie first, and now Lydia.


Jennifer C said...

the "turtlenecks, denim jumper" comment cracked me up...I had an immediate picture come to my mind. HA LOL Thanks for starting my day with a laugh and way to go on the shopping!!

Tisha said...

Welcome to the NO WalMart Club!!! Isn't it fun!? Don't you just feel like you're stickin it to em, even a little bit?
What's wrong with turtle necks and denim jumpers? A rainbow of them line my closet. I never have to think about what to wear! :)
Time to go braid my hair....
Congrats on your savings!!

Phil said...

Just think if you don't shop there how will you ever get your picture into www.peopleofwalmart.com

Courtney said...

thanks for the coupon ideas. i've NEVER been a coupon shopper. i just have never felt like it would pay off...i mostly buy generic and now i mostly buy bulk from Sam's. but maybe i'll check it out!

Stacy said...

I hope Lydia feels better...we have our first fever of the season..103...and that's it...nothing else. ugh.