Tuesday, November 3, 2009

now, about moving.

I just keep reminding myself -

this is good, this is good, this is good.

one seconded I'm pumped, JAZZED, 'let's go!!!'
I have SO many friends in that area - like, GOOD friends (some we even are so close we call them family), not just those, 'oh yeah, I remember them' friends but close heart friends!!
I've never had that in a move before - so COOL!
I get excited for all the cool history, pretty weather (I'm a summer/hot kinda girl), etc...

and the next

I'm overwhelmed (mostly on where to live and how much it costs!!!), I'm scared (it's very different from this little mid-west life we've had for the past five years), I'm shocked, I'm upside down, and I'm in 'unknown' territory

I am flipping back and forth.
(there I go again!)

God is speaking to me - in little things like cartoons ;-), songs, other people, His word, etc..

and I love that.

I love that He sees my flip-floppy heart and just keeps talkin' me through it.

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