Tuesday, July 6, 2010

say HI to the Groggs again.

got to hang with my Maid of Honor again yesterday!!!
really really love you.
and really really wish you lived closer.
my heart is always so refreshed after spending time with you.

(I will NEVER get over that we both have identical girl twins with huge heads of curly hair and 'births' that were super close together and that our kids are about the same ages - see....we NEED to live closer...I'm going to go pray we get stationed in NC....it could happen!)


KB said...

ok, there is no praying for NC~there is only praying for burkes to be with the panters...who are these grogg people anywho??!! kidding, i only kid! ya'll are just so loveable!

Stacy said...

you can come to NC too...I need more friends down here and I'm very nice!!