Wednesday, August 31, 2011


six years ago today....

our Samantha Jo blessed this family. 

as I was doing all the 'birthday prep' last night Jake looked over, shook his head and said, 
"what a funny little girl."
"Why?" I said with a smile on my face, because she is a funny little girl in so many ways I wanted to  know which way exactly was in his mind right then.
"Because this is all so not her...."

And he's right.
I was packing presents, blowing up balloons, making cakes and it's just not 'her'.
She is to be celebrated, NO DOUBT.
And I don't know what else to do, so I do the normal, but it is quirky that all the 'normal' doesn't seem to hit the mark for her.

she is not normal.
like, really really not normal.
she uses as few words as possible each day until about 4pm and then...
then the flood gates open 
from that point on she has us all in stitches rolling on the ground from 4pm 'til bedtime.
every. single. night. she pulls something unexpected.
some huge word used appropriately and twisted at the same time.
some accent that she uses for everything (British and Southern are her two fall backs but she's trying out some sort of Ebonics lately too).
some song she makes up and acts like no one can hear...the girl can keep a straight face for longer than any adult I've ever met.
and if you're the target of her show that out....boy can she make fun of a person!

and now she's getting older.
I almost can't handle her little package as it is.
'Can't handle it' meaning I love her so much I want to burst.

In all that humor there is still a deep deep depth of real inside her.
She's always the first to share.
She's the first to go get the band aide for you.
She's the first to smooth over a 'sisterly dispute'.

(uh hem...she's the last to do any kind of chore of any kind, she's the second messiest of the girls, Nora pulling in at #1...but that's for another post.
you can't mess with personality people.)

She is deep deep down in our hearts.
And she's six.



Liza said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha! We love you and your sisters very much :)

Courtney said...

happy bithday, samantha!!

holly...i LOVE how you KNOW your kids!