Thursday, September 8, 2011

* it has been raining...HARD...all week long.
Lydia asked me today if this meant that Hell was coming.

excuse me?

Nora's song for the day goes like this:
"I just wanna play...AND SCREAM....but I can't....'cause it's rainin' (repeat)"

* I am attempting to read the Bible in 90 days.
I started yesterday.
So far so good ;-).

using this website as my plan.

come with me!

* No, I'm not still doing 'no sugar'.
I did it for a long time though.
From April 25th to July 28th'ish.
Three months.
Not bad.
It was going ok but I just felt done.
I'm still not eating very much of it though and that was part of the goal in the first there.

the other part of the goal was getting lost because I wasn't craving it as aggressively which meant I wasn't thinking about others needs and my excess as often...

*  As of two days ago, I'm officially not allowed to run for a while....a long while.
I don't really want to talk about it.  It makes me sad.
The physical therapists I've been seeing think I have a hip labral tear.
in both hips.

the visual:

except in this picture, nothing is torn.

treatment is motrin and physical therapy.
which I have been doing now for 17 weeks faithfully.
next course of action is an MRI....proving the tear...and then surgery.

appointment to beg... give my left arm... demand... ask politely for an MRI, is on the 19th.

um...not exactly in my plan.
speaking of which, no one has even asked me what my plan is!

*  I have been using a FOAM ROLLER for three weeks and am officially recommending it to anyone who breathes.
Especially if you run though.

here are some links on it:
YouTube Video (this is a video...sorry about the comments, they are stupid)
I did read somewhere and now I can't find it that you are supposed to go really really slow...slower than the videos typically show.
Which makes sense because myofascial is broken up slowly so rolling back and forth quickly won't do anything for you. Slow is amazing though.

What I specifically read was to find the painful spots and don't roll but just stay on them until the pain releases 50-75%.
This will hurt.
Like, I was crying.
Big tears.
But the pain does reduce and now I can roll almost pain free!! 

for reals.
even if you don't run.
it's gooood.

* First day of Co-op was today.
that's a lot of kids and a lot of noise.
fun though.
my girls were so excited and had an absolute grand time.



Courtney said...

i REALLY need one of those foam rollers. i do one at the gym like once a month. you're right. slow/stopped is where it HUrTS/HELPS the most. SO sad about your hips! ugh!

Missy said...

Umm, ARE gonna go in there and beg, demand, left arm 'em into giving you an MRI! And you can throw in there grovel, cry, and barricade the door until they agree! This has gone on long is time to get you fixed, for real this time. Praying they see it that way too. :~)

And Lydia's question about Hell coming?! Bah ha! That girl is too much!

Liza said...

So sorry about your hip :(

Praying for the 19th...

I'm so glad you posted about this 90 day reading plan!! Johnathan and I finished the Joshua study about a week ago and I am totally floundering without some STRUCTURE. It's an issue...

Definitely looking into this. Funny how all my Bible study projects have come from you this year :)

Anonymous said...

ask about using an elliptical. my hip issues are different, but the smooth motion causes me zero pain, and my hips stay in place...they even make outdoor mobile ones, you might get looks though :) sami