Monday, September 26, 2011

now THAT was a weekend.

Friday I spent walking around and working in a fog.
I was exhausted from the EXXXTREMELY great night/morning before.

but, there were things to do and people to prepare for people, so we forged ahead.
we ditched school.
oh yes. we. did.

I cooked and cleaned and cooked some more in anticipation for Saturday.

Friday evenings we are back in the swing of dance....
 ...and then we took on three extra kids and headed to church for a screening of Bug's Life.
in full costume.
to which you'll just have to believe me because, like I said, I (by my lonesome) took on three extra kids and we walked into elementary aged school kids chaos.
fun chaos, but chaos.

it was fun.
and cute.
and you can see one of my kids in the picture below...Sophie is a bee, complete with bee hives in her hair ;-).

I literally was seeing blurry and queazy with tiredness by the time we got home.
I'd tried to lay down for 15 min's before we had to leave for dance/movie night but no joke, three minutes into my 'nap' the electricity flickered and my 'babysitter's' power went off.
remind me to never got to be at 2am and get up at 6am again, k?

then it was Saturday and Saturday needs it's own post...

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Courtney said...

i'm SO Sorry that i made you so tired for that friday! ugh..

{it was still worth it, right?? but i'm still sorry!}