Monday, September 26, 2011

S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y. NIGHT...repeat!

so, I have this group of friends.
you may remember them?
because they rock.
we all 'formed' our friendships in Nebraska but within this past year and a half our friendships are being refined by physical distances.
there are only a few people of the original group left in Nebraska.
four of us have moved away.

these are my PEOPLE people.

so, one of my PEOPLE just moved to a town 2.5hrs away over a month ago and we JUST got to connect this past Saturday.


Jake and I love both of these people intensely.
I was a dork and busted out the door with tears when Liz drove up.

I am also a dork because I got all of four pictures and one of them was just of the food.
(it was me)

So, just like Thursday night, I have no picture of me and Liz.
but, as you can see, she is still beyond beautiful.
inside, outside, all around.
(Todd, you could use a razor but other than weren't too bad either, I's just that your wife is beautiful...fierce competition.)

 our girls, of course, remembered each other and picked right back up where they left off....kinda like their mommies.

we talked and talked and talked and hung out with the kids.
and then we ate.
this particular set of PEOPLE happen to love food in the same way Jake and I love food/restaurants/cooking.
because of that, and because I hardly cook anymore and was missing it, I went TO TOWN.

my heart was all filled up by the time the kids were in complete melt down and everyone had to say good-bye for now.
but now it's ON and we will be headed down their way in about three weeks so it wasn't so sad this time.
gosh, I love me an old friend.

even cleaning up my house that morning before they got there I had to laugh.
my people have seen me at my best and and my worst, I was really just cleaning for me...
I love that feeling!

and the food will be getting it's own post next....
my dad would be proud.


Missy said...


Oh there are hardly words!! Just lots of squeals of sheer excitement over getting to see Liz and Todd this weekend! Pouting a little bit that I couldn't be there to cry and laugh and talk for hours on end with you two! There are no words for how much I miss you guys!

I love you Liz! And get a FREAKIN' blog will you! I need to see that face of yours more!

(and of course I love you too Holly. :~) ) Thank you for indulging me so quickly. :)

i'm beccy. said...

I was just on the phone with Liz when she mentioned she had gotten to see you so I had to check for pictures. I agree, she is one of the most beautiful people I have met in my life AND she should get a blog! :o). So happy for your visit! NE misses both of you alot!

Liz W. said...

It was the perfect day!! relaxed, lots of conversation, lots of cute little girls, lots of laughs & stories, lots of yummy food....just perfect!! Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks...I've already begun menu planning!!!