Wednesday, October 5, 2011

corn husk dolls

we went from Columbus to one day with Vespucci (made astrolabes and read some books) and then skipped forward 100 years to Pocahontas/John Smith.
We are reading this Pocahontas book (among many other picture books) and it is beautiful, it has us all captured!
Highly recommend for a young girl to read on her own or to read aloud for the fam', if you're into that kind of thing.   You don't need to be studying the subject, it's just a really sweet book.

this week's hands-on thingy was corn husk dolls.
aren't these pictures sweet?

they are sweet.
the girls, the dolls, the pictures.

but tell me, why is it that the execution of projects like these aren't as sweet as the pictures???
are my kids going to remember Pocahontas/corn husk dolls or are they going to remember the loud lecture about not interrupting and WAITING YOUR TURN!?

I'm having one of those 'Who, exactly, was it that thought I was qualified for this job because I stink at it?' weeks.
Praying for grace and blocking of memories in my kids minds this week.

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