Saturday, October 22, 2011

crafty me.

I heart Pinterest.
You can be my friend. (please!)
My family members have all been eating like rock stars thanks to amazing recipes like this:
artichoke lasagna (oh yes we did!)
and MORE (but that ought a keep ya busy for a while)

it has kept school ideas organized for me.
(like all the fun Pocahontas stuff we've done)

helped me remember all those cool projects I want to do, 
like this one:

scrapbook paper (or in this case, old sheet music) behind the glass in an old picture frame that I have had sitting around forever.
attach 4-5 of those mega magnets from the craft store and pop onto side of fridge for a cute reminder board (sure beats the sticky notes I used before!)
just uses regular wipe off markers:

and continues to inspire me daily.
I have seen some people say it's a time killer but for me, it's been the opposite.
I have actually done SO MANY of my pins!
I love it!
I am now the proud, scared, owner of Photoshop and have been watching tutorial after tutorial on how to 'fix' my images.
The more I learn the more overwhelmed I am.
Also the more I learn the better photographer I want to become so I don't have to sit on that thing for hours 'fixing'.
It is fun though. So many evil little tricks!
Lots of babies being born around us lately.
When Lydia and Samantha were born a dear friend bought some flannel material and hemmed it all around the edges with a pretty stitch from her machine.
EASY. Peasy.
We almost wore those blankets out swaddling Nora and Sophie but they made it, miraculously.
And 7 + years later they still all play with those two blankets
So, I'm passing along the fun.

1 yard.
5 minutes ironing the hems down.
1 hour figuring out how my 1970's machine actually does those stitches.
10 minutes of sewing once I figured it all out.

10 minutes wrapping (the best part!)

that's all for crafty me today.
off to get ready for a girls night out!!!

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Team Summers said...

This is not the first time I've said to myself, "I want to be like Holly when I grow up!" And I would LOVE to eat dinner at your house :)