Monday, October 24, 2011

reunion city.

have I mentioned before how we live in 'reunion city'?
I know I have, in other terms anyway.
it's still so fun for me!!!

Aaron and Amanda - We were stationed together in pilot training, 10-11 years ago. Now they live 10 min's away and got to stay with us for a while when they moved into town.

Martha - We were stationed together in Enid as well, 10-11 years ago. Now we live 40 min's apart and I got to see her and her kids the other day!!!  I forgot to take a picture (which is sad!) but it was SO neat and I can't wait to see her again...seeing people you knew 'back when' reminds you of so many cool places God has brought you through. I love that.

Nicholsons - I was at Ikea one CRAZY busy Saturday, buying a new mattress for our guest room (you should come check it out, the two people who've tried it out have raved!) when someone comes up behind me while I was loading the mattress and says, "Hey Holly, let me help you with that". (kinda spooky) I turned around to see an entire family we love from Nebraska and that I had no idea were living here now (they'd been in town for only 3 weeks!).  That should be strange, except it just wasn't!

Liz and Todd - one of my besties!!!! Lives 2.5 hrs away now.  SO close that she drove up for a girls night out on Saturday and I'm going to drive back down there on Thursday ;-).  From Nebraska to 2.5 hours away...that counts when it's a bestie!

Johnathan and Liza - we were stationed in Ohio with Johnathan and then, after we all moved away, he went and married the bestest girl EVER and now we are here all together! FUN!

Courtney and Pat - seriously? Courtney and I were friends for 4 years before we met and now we're 40 min's from each other!!!!! nuff said.

Bill and Lori - they are practically my aunt and uncle and they live 40 mins from us.

Jake's roommate (Erin) from college lives 30 min's away.
Jake runs into people in the hallways, buses and offices of the Pentagon that he knows from somewhere-back-when about every 3ish weeks.
It's not weird for him to come home and say, "You'll never guess who I saw on the bus today!" or
"Guess who walked up and said 'Hey Jake!' today?" or
"I ran into so-and-so just walking up the stairwell today!".

And those are just the people who LIVE list would explode if I listed out all the people who've passed through here/vacationed here in our short little 1.5 yrs of residency.

Just in the past two weeks our guest room has been used TWICE!
Erica and Nate (who are like FAMILY to us) came a week ago:
 not the absolute best pictures but it's tough to do that when your kids cover your company like leaches blankets the entire time they're here...good news, Nate and Erica love my kids so it's ok!
Gosh, we love them too!

and Liz stayed the night after girls night out (WHICH WAS A BLAST!!!).

We have more friends coming in November and I'm sure the reunion will just keep going the whole time we're here.

I am loving this part of being here!

(uh hem....we didn't have this many visitors in Nebraska...hmmm...wonder why that was!? :-)

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Missy said...

Shout back out to November company! Whoop whoop!! ONE month away!!