Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great Country Farms "Field Trip"

More like, Great Country Farms "Fun Trip"

Picture overload. We were here for five hours.  I was snappin' away!

We were at this place for about 20 min's and we almost didn't make it.  In my mind we were back in the car making the hour drive home.
The bees were swarming our applesauce, which made Nora flinch and spill the applesauce all down her shirt, which made the bees swarm her (and by swarm I mean there were 15-20 bees in our picnic area at one time between our group of three families...that is A LOT of large honey bees. LARGE. and aggressive.  and stressful.
After a few minutes of FREAKING out by all we headed to the car to eat and ditch the coolers because the bees felt the need to swarm the coolers after we got smart and threw the applesauce away.

I gotta tell ya. I'm OVER the bugs/fly insects in this part of the country. FYI to everyone here that has not lived in another place for a while...this is ridiculous, you are justified to be annoyed.
An hour later (after the bee incident) I had a gnat in my eye that took me about 30 min's to extract and then my eye watered for the next hour or

We have been stung, bitten, swarmed and 'gnattified' (if you live here, you know what I mean by that) one too many times this year.  Someone get this girl back to Colorado.  Ugh.

Good news though.  After a little down time and purposeful silly time with mommy in the car, everyone cooled down, got brave, full, sugared up and we headed back to the farm.

And boy am I glad we did.

It was an adorable little farm...reminded me of our Nebraska time SO much!

If you don't count the bees (which was justified) there were ZERO melt downs.  Almost no complaining and a whole ton of fun.
I am not lost on how blessed of a phase we are in right now.  We have not always been such an easy group to take on outings and we may not always be either, but right now? Right now is beautiful and I'm eating it up!!!

 this 'pick your own pumpkin field' cracked me up
it's more like, 'hey kids, would you mind picking up all these weird pumpkins we lost out in that patch of weeds and dirt? gee, thanks!'

the stage.
this group of creative little minds played on this stage without one prop for over 45 min's.
they put on shows, they practiced, the lead...I can't quite explain it other than to say it was a site to behold.
very retro ;-)

the pillow never fails...

 corn pit...
tunnel slides that were as fast as some water slides I've been on!

hey, it didn't say it was just for kids!?

I kinda want to chop that pigtail off and frame it forever.

Nora (white and blue) Sophie (purple)

petting zoo

phew...and we can't wait to do it all again!!!!


Courtney said...

you better tell me the next time you go there! that's "our farm"! :-)

Missy said...

So adorable! And so very Nebraska like! Love those peddle cars and Snora's perfect curl! Glad you got back out there and didn't let those bees run you off the farm!