Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm free for one year starting today.

Had my first official photo shoot on Sunday afternoon.
I'm addicted.
I have committed to being free of charge for one year and to practice as much as I can in that one year.

I was SOOOO nervous this first time.
Like, so nervous.
Most of my nerves were before I got there but I had some during the session too.

I studied like a mad woman leading up to the time and that helped.
I have so much more to learn and I want to know it NOW!

Just getting out there and doing it was the only key to unlocking the nerves from my system.

I think out of 397 pictures we got two good ones...but they knew what they signed up for, so it's all good.


I'm continuing to take classes and I'm going to practice my little heart out.

Thanks Ben and Crystal for being my first victims!
I couldn't have chose a more laid back, fun group to start with.

I have three other families on the books....who's next!?

(these are not the final products, just the unedited versions, because I was a moron and ordered the wrong Photoshop...in the process of getting the MAC version because apparently Windows version doesn't work on Mac's ;-)


Liza said...

Hurray for Holly the Photographer! These are really precious pictures. I cannot believe how big Leia is getting, either. Good for you :)

Peyton said...

Us, do us!!

marvelous martha said...

We want in! Plus we'd love to see you again!

Erika C. said...

Yah! Love it! You need a business name! ;)

Liz W. said...

Yeah!!! LOVE the action shot!

How about "Capturing the Chaos" for a busines name

heather said...

Do you travel? Like 1,000+ miles??? ;)
Nice job!!!! Even the unedited pics look awesome which is a sign of natural talent :)

Courtney said...

us, us!!! how about next spring/summer for us? maybe we can all listen to directions by then... :-)