Wednesday, October 12, 2011


homeschool documentary?
never been one done before.
I didn't know that!?
although, duh, if there had been, I'd probably seen it/heard of it.

apparently there is one in the making:

Class Dismissed

*don't see how doing one documentary is going to encapsulate how most homeschoolers feel.
there are thousands of different reasons people homeschool and each families choice is made up of different combinations of those reasons.

*I'm nervous that it will just be a traditional schooling bashing session (which is not how most homeschoolers feel FYI! well, ok, the ones I hang with anyway.) but hopefully it won't!

*I like that it takes the 'this isn't just an education choice, it's a lifestyle choice' route.  I don't know anyone who'd disagree with that...whether they wear head coverings or spaghetti straps.

*I'm excited for the discussion that it will create! There needs to be more of it....less tension, more discussion/understanding....on both sides.  God is in both choices...we should be too!

hmmm....I'm so curious about this!


Jennifer C said...

My favorite part of this whole post is..."whether they wear head coverings or spaghetti straps." Made me laugh and gave me the exact mental picture I needed to understand what you were talking about. ;)

Jennifer C said...

Oh and we are already following each other on Pinterest. Your pins show up on my feed and it says that you are following me. I don't know why you can't see me. Strange...:)