Wednesday, October 12, 2011


(it's going to take an eternity to dry but the clay mixture was ABOUT 8 cups of dirt from under the bushes, 2 cups of flour and some water to make it clay like - or 'poop' like really, because that's exactly what it looked like! so mature, I know. BUT, the clay itself was so nice! can't wait to see the final/dried product.) seems as though the general consensus is that Pocahontas lived in a longhouse and her mother probably lived in a wigwam near by or in a neighboring village.
although, word on the street says that Jamestown has a different sort of wigwam thing set up, so...when we head that direction in a few weeks, I'll keep you posted.
I know, it's killing you.

the sketches that men from the original crews of the Godspeed, Discovery and Susan Constant drew have houses that look just like what the girls did....well, maybe a little bigger and nicer and more precise but they were 'like a loaf of french bread' according to Samantha and covered in a grassy type of hay blanket thing.

and yes, you too could school your children ;-)
'grassy type of hay thing!?'
oh holly.


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Good idea! I love how Samantha is holding Lydia's hair...what a good sister!

And, you're right, that does look like some nasty poo!