Monday, October 24, 2011

Second official 'FREE' photo shoot yesterday.

gosh, I'm learning a lot...

I can see ALL the flaws with these pictures.
And they drive. me. crazy.
Does that go away?
Not only do they drive me crazy but I haven't even learned all that I need to know about fixing them.
Which drives me even crazier.

BUT....but but but....

all that and I still am LOVING the process.
I am learning, I am free for a reason, but I gotta tell ya, this is flippin' FUN.

It really really really helps that my first two photo shoots were two families I absolutely adore but even if I didn't (I think) I would still be loving this.

Each time my brain is equally fried and pumped....that's a good thing, I love that feeling!

Peyton, Brian, Caroline, Nicholas Caleb, and Jack you are adorable! (for some reason I kept calling Caleb, Nicholas!, so professional ;-)


Anonymous said...

aaron and amanda Dawg?

Erika C. said...

1) I can already see improvement and it's your second time! That's always awesome and the best part of building your portfolio!

2) No, it never goes away - you will always see the flaws with any pictures you take! (And sometimes, depending on the picture and elements, they are not always fixable.)

3) Exhaustion and adrenaline follow all sessions...being a photographer is seriously harder than it looks.

Can't wait to see more. Wish we were closer so we could chat about it in real life! - Erika C.

Courtney said...

YAY that you have an appt!!!!!! whoo-hoo!

and i LOVE the last pic on this post - LOVE it! it's brian's "real" smile...and peyton looks so FUN! it was so great to open up your blog and see them! :-)

Missy said...

Love that you are so hungry to learn! And that God is opening doors for your to pursue this. Keep at it girl!

Peyton said...

Loooooove them, you are the best! Someone asked me if we had them professionally done. We had fun with you, you were very professional. Laughed out loud at the Caleb/ Nicholas comment :)

Liz W. said...

Really great! I think you are doing really well at capturing individual personalities, and would think that would be the hardest part.

The little girl in the pics reminds me of Sydaleigh! Adorable