Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's no fair that Colorado already has snow!

oh to be a kid and/or to love snow.
nice to know my disdain hasn't rubbed off on them.
(N-left, S-right)

Between Nora and Sophie at the lunch table:
*insert hysteric giggle between each item on the list, even if they aren't funny*

Princesses never toot toot at the table! (right after someone did)
Princesses never burp at the table! (right after someone did)

Princesses always say thank you.
Princesses never be mean.

Princesses never kick glass things.
Princesses never pick any flower petals
Princesses never kick.
Princesses never run.
Princesses never drive.
Princesses never tip down in their chairs.
Princesses never clean the yard (workers do).
Princesses the lights off.
Princesses scream.
Princesses never spill.
and finally:
Princesses never never ever eat tomatoes! EWWW!

do not try and analyze. they are four. they speak twin.
they will both randomly look at each other and break out in laughter while the rest of us are looking around lost as to what is SO funny...which then just makes us all laugh, of course.

This next one will only be funny to us, but it needs to be noted that Samantha's new saying she says all the time is:
Get in the ca' bebe!

(get in the car baby...but with her inflections)

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Courtney said...

i'm so glad you shared those today. thank you!

{and i miss you AND your girls! let's plan a playdate/dinner/something soon, k?}