Saturday, December 24, 2011

1-2 punches from two of my gang:

Yesterday had it's elements of disaster but I don't want to forget some of the funnies.
Lydia and Nora stole the show.

1. Mommy, that was even more fun that going to Busch Gardens.
We should drive to Williamsburg to see a movie every year!

oh Lydia...boy did God put in my life for a reason!
love your perspective little girl.
love it.

2.  My oldest, sweetest, tender-hearted, girly daughter was the only one to laugh out loud in a packed theatre when Fozzie the Bear broke out his 'fart shoes'.
and when I say out loud, I mean, really loud.

1. while waiting for the movie to start, popcorn in hand, all settled down -
Mommy, what movie are we seeing?

2. Nora and Sophie get into 'twin laughing fits'.
No one knows what started it, except them.
No one knows what keeps it going, except them.
No one else exists during the laughing fits, except them.
(and it's not funny when they start it in line at the grocery store, but I digress)

This time Nora, 4 minutes into pure laughter, looks at Sophie and says:
"Wait, why are YOU laughing?"

Both classic 'Nora's' by the way. The girl is wicked smart...just a few seconds behind the joke, which makes her an easy target in this house.  Good news though, she always loves the joke and we always love it when she finally does grin.

And I love that we laughed yesterday.
Off and on but we did.

Perspective is good.

I just kept reminding myself what it was exactly that I was getting upset about.
It boiled down to:
We are wealthy, taking a luxurious spontaneous trip that costs money most people can't even fathom.
(it wasn't horribly expensive in American terms, I was thinking world wide, bigger)
I am a child of The King - someOne has died for me and I should act like it.
I do not want my kids whining about stuff like this, so I shouldn't.

It was a bummer and a long day.
But again.
We laughed.
If even a little.
We laughed and we got to laugh together and Jesus loves us so much.

Today, it's even kinda funny.
Today, I am officially annoyed with overpopulation but still, it's kinda funny.

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