Friday, December 23, 2011


I really could have done without some of the details of today.

Decide at 10am 'let's go to Busch Gardens today'
Leave at 1:30pm.
Normally takes 2hr 15min - took over 4hr today. (which means you insert traffic here)
Get to gate and are refused entry because the park is at max capacity.
Wait around an hour at an outlet mall to see if they'll reopen.
Decide that even if they do reopen who wants to be in that crowd with our crew??
Go to theatre to see The Muppets (very cute).
Drive 2hr 15 min home.

Do over?

But hey-we were together.
I was not 9 months pregnant riding side saddle on a donkey.
I am sleeping in my bed tonight.
I might not have gotten to see 5 million Christmas lights or drink hot chocolate that costs too much (and I might have been/am grumpy about it) but I am not lost in those details.
No. I refuse.

I have five details here with me in this mess of a night and we all together understand there's a master plan by a Master Planner and we're good.
Ready to be done with the details of today but good.


Liz W. said...

love your positive outlook :-)

Courtney said...

oh, man. that sTINKS!!! i'm so sorry! LOVED the quotes from the!