Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking Dawn

While Melissa was here another BESTIE showed up from out of town to hit the town with us.
Becky (hey!!!), Melissa and I all lived with in 5 or 6 houses of each other in Nebraska, Becky and I moved here (we ran a 1/2 marathon together) and then Becky had to ruin it by moving to Florida!

But, a certain family member of hers lives in Baltimore so they 'just happened' to be there for Thanksgiving.
Which means we 'just happened' to get to see her.
We might have gotten to see her more 'cept they had a National Lampoons Thanksgiving trip goin' on and it was a little rough goin'.

We all went to go see Breaking Dawn together.
I'm not sure why we did that because it was sooooooooooooooo so bad.
but, I digress.
the movie had about .05% to do with this night.

oh. my. goodness.
I. can't. stand. it.

and it get's better.....

 here is the  movie crew...
Liza and her new adorable neighbor over there on the left.
now I have another one of 'my people' in the same room as some of my other people.
it. gets. better.....

MORE of my awesome people!!!

Starting from the left is Reesa (Liza's new friend who had a good time but I'm sure was a little shocked at all these amazing ladies!)
Courtney, Peyton, Mache, Melissa, Becky, muah, and Liza.
and I wish I had time to write why each of these ladies is 'amazing'....
I just might do that soon.

military girls.
I need to talk to you for a second.
don't you ever dream about getting all the awesome people you've met all over the world all together in one room or one city and just hangin' out with them all at the same time?
well, I do.
and on a tiny tiny scale, I got to do it this night!!!!!!!!

seriously, this was a small part of a big dream come true.
most of them didn't know each other but my people are so amazing that I'm still getting calls and emails about how much fun this dinner was!!!
I have GOOD people!
I'm just sayin'.

My heart needed this night.
I knew it did but I don't know that I even knew how much.

Between that and a week with Melissa, I think I might be ready to take over the world's injustices again....
Now, I just have to figure out where the heck I put all that extra time!?


Missy said...

My heart needed this night too!! Loved being there with you and Becky and getting to meet all your new people! I loved every minute of it!

Courtney said...

LOVED that night!! so much!