Monday, December 5, 2011

do you hear this!?

out to eat:

Me: Nora and Sophie, please stop starring and pointing, no one likes to be pointed at or stared at.
Samantha: I do!

Jake: Is everyone ready for bed? (yelled up the stairs)
Samantha: YES INDEED! (yelled down the stairs)

working intently on a craft, no one saying anything....

Polar Express soundtrack playing in background: "No one will be sleeping on the night of Christmas Eve...."
Samantha singing at the same volume, pitch, beat and tune to the song: "Yes, they will"
Samantha, speaking: I will!

Sophie (with sense of urgency): NORA! Don't spit your tongue out at me! THAT IS NOT SOMETHING TWINS DO!


I am so bad about writing these down, seriously, my girls say gut wrenchingly hilarious things 10-100 times a day.
Samantha says them about 10-100 times an hour.

I know all kids are funny, but I'm bias.
My kids are hands down, THE funniest.
Don't even try and argue.
Even if I can't actually remember what it was that was SO funny!

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