Thursday, December 15, 2011

a Christmas tour...

...around blog land for a few projects we've tried this season so far:
(no tutorials here, someone else has already done those for us so I'll just introduce you to them, k!?)

(aka tie dying - which we happen to be huge fans of.)

 this project is still drying, just did it this morning, but I'm already a fan. 
took 5 minutes, the girls did it completely by themselves.
it has wow.
like I said, I'm already a fan.

(via pinterest)

do not make these.
you will eat them.
they are highly addicting and kinda fun to make.
hard for my crew to be a part of.
their job was to stick the candy canes in right before I dipped them.
they didn't seem to mind that that was their only job.
they were busy eating candy canes anyway.

(via pinterest)

these turned out adorable but I learned my lesson.
this 'pin' is very popular and all over pintrest with the tag of 'Elmer's glue on canvas'.
always go to the tutorial first.
never assume you can just figure it out.
Elmer's glue doesn't work.
it flattens out.
which the tutorial says.
but I wouldn't have known that 'cause I didn't go to the tutorial 'cause it looked self-explanatory to me.
which it was, minus the whole 'don't use Elmer's use puff paint' part!

our version:
the girls drew straight onto the canvases.
used Elmer's glue to trace their entire drawings.
it dried too flat and I knew before going on to the next step we'd need to use puff paint so we did.
we went back over the Elmer's glue with puff paint.
dried them completely and then spray painted silver and gold.
they have wow.
they were so easy.
I lu-huv them!

(via a phone call from a friend saying theirs turned out awesome)

this one does not belong to any of my children.
actually, I have no idea who's child it belongs too.

Daddy has stolen all four of my children's pictures, taken them to work and used them as THE BEST cubicle decorations on the planet.
So, if you'd like to see 'my' children's versions just meander on by Jake's cubicle the next time you're on a tour of the Pentagon.
easy peasy right?

but, let me just say, this project was another wow!
all four girls turned out completely different and patterned and colorful and the metallic markers were a blast.

because we have a lot of girls here and any project that glitters/shines is our favorite.

this concludes this portion of the Christmas tour around blog land.
we hope you enjoyed your time.
see you next time!


Stacy said...

LOVE LUV Lu-HUV...however you spell it anymore...the canvas puffy paint art. Cant wait to do it!

jenn said...

love the canvases - super cool!