Sunday, December 18, 2011

take that!

so, I just read an article that said no more official correspondence can go out from our nations capital that says "Merry Christmas"

this news on a day when Lydia got to dance her little heart out to music that 
the message of our Saviors birth on the FRONT YARD of that same capital!

boo ya!

that's right.
our little Lydia got to dance by the National Christmas tree, which happens to be in the front yard of this:

and just a stones throw from this:
  you go girl.
blast the music, Jesus is born.
ain't no hidin' it.

and now, for the grandparents:
(mom...the Colorado tree was full of....BIRDS!)

 you're welcome.

this poor, sad, little tree ;-(
the 40 foot Colorado Blue Spruce was blown over last spring.
this is a new guy - he's kinda little...and sad.
one day buddy.
you'll get there one day.

Jesus is alive!!!!

I'll post video and pictures of Lydia's dance soon...
I was trading video for pictures with another friend.

Until then, here is what some of the other dancers looked like!

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Missy said...

Yeah-ya! Way to go Lydia! What a cool opportunity!