Wednesday, December 7, 2011

flying by...

not in my 'normal' holiday swing yet.
it's Dec 7th and I'm a little worried.

we're having 'lighting' issues with the tree again this year.
we spent an hour ripping off all the 'prelit' lights, put colored ones on there, didn't love them, took them off, packed them up and realized the return policy was....well, there wasn't one, so, we decided to donate them (that's how much I didn't like them on the tree), ordered more ('cause Target doesn't carry brown wired lights - dumb Target - don't more people have a gold colored tree!!!??? I kid.), from two places, 'cause we wanted some twinkling and some big bulbs, twinkling are here, big bulbs not, no ornaments yet....really!?

 AWESOME adorable stockings, have been sitting in this pile since November 26th.
 Christmas card pile won't stop starring at me, it's annoying.
 the lists on my desk are also starring at me, so rude.


Jennifer C said...

I am cracking up because your window pane card holder is EXACTLY what I am doing this year. Great minds think alike...:)

EM said...

oh, I love your neat and tidy desk! Mine is so cluttered and it just keeps getting worse.