Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the "magic" that is YOU

a mathematicians view on the development of babies just made me cry and cry and cry.

brings A WHOLE NEW light to:

' are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made...'

the speaker uses the words mystery and magic  - I use the words Wonderful Savior, Mighty God, Everlasting Father:

(take note, just in case you miss it, this is NOT computer animation, they are actual pictures!)

"so perfectly organized a structure it was hard NOT to attribute Divinity to it"

"how do the systems not make mistakes?" he says.

I know.
I do, I know.
But the answer is very FEARFUL.
It requires selfless praise to a God who deserves the respect of the chance for life to everyone of these 'mysteries'.

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Naomi Haverland- Artist and whatnot said...

That's very awesome. I'm going to show the kids.
But why the creepy music?